To Celebrate the 40th anniversary of Burger King in Spain, we are launching a wine that pairs perfectly with our signature burger, the Whopper.

Based on the colours of the ingredients of the iconic Whopper it has been produced a packaging that reflects the character of Spanish wine.

What’s special about this wine, produced with grape Tempranillo de Valencia, is that it has been maturing for a year in barrels previously toasted at Burger King’s grills. And what is the outcome? A wine that perfectly matches the Whopper and enhances its flavour.

The minimalist design joins the tradition of wine in Spain and the innovative character of Burger King together, creating a unique product both in its design and in its flavour.

Faithfully respecting all the traditional process of elaboration, bottling and labelling of a premium wine. A perfect way to celebrate 40 years of the brand in Spain.